We just released the very best version of WP Recipe Maker up until today: version 8.4.0. Read on for the highlights and a full changelog or update right away!

Temperature Shortcode with Oven Symbols

WP Recipe Maker 8.4.0 introduces a brand new shortcode to display temperatures with optional oven symbols and help text.

Test it out in any of the rich text fields when editing a recipe by clicking on the new temperature icon in the toolbar at the bottom of the modal:

Adding the Temperature Shortcode

In the options at the bottom you can optionally set an icon and tooltip. Units can also be switched from °F to °C there.

In the actual recipe, visitors will be able to hover over the temperature to see your tooltip (if set):

Temperatures with optional symbol and tooltip

This new shortcode is a great way to make sure your visitors use the correct oven settings and provide information without convoluting your instruction steps.

Learn more in the documentation or see the feature in action on our demo site.

Temperature Conversion

Once you’ve added temperatures using the above shortcode, you can now also accommodate your international visitors by allowing them to switch the temperature units from °F to °C or back.

To achieve this, make sure the Unit Conversion feature is already set up for your site and the particular recipe and don’t forget to enable this new setting.

Give the temperature conversion a try on our demo site!

Take note that this feature is only available in the Pro Bundle.

Other Improvements

That’s not all, of course. A few other improvements you might like are a new spam prevention method for user ratings where it doesn’t store the IP address of the user (to prevent any potential GDPR issues). You can find that on WP Recipe Maker > Settings > Star Ratings > User Ratings page.

We’ve also added a new “Classic Editor” type for the Custom Recipe Fields feature. This allows you to create a custom field that uses the same input as the default recipe notes, giving you even more options than before.

Full Changelog

We highlighted just a few of the new features/improvements/fixes above. Below you can find the other changes in version 8.4.0. Check out our documentation for a full history.

WP Recipe Maker Premium 8.4.0

  • Feature: Temperature Conversion
  • Feature: Clear all button for the Quick Access Shopping List
  • Feature: Classic Editor type for custom fields
  • Feature: Option to prevent user rating spam without storing IP addresses
  • Feature: Tool to remove IP addresses from ratings database
  • Improvement: Indicate that recipe submission form is being submitted
  • Improvement: Show name of user when editing someone’s collections
  • Fix: Nutrition facts calculation stuck if number of decimals not set in settings
  • Fix: PHP error when trying to edit another user’s collections

WP Recipe Maker 8.4.0

  • Feature: Temperature shortcode with oven symbols
  • Improvement: Prevent same image from getting imported multiple times
  • Improvement: Add aria-label if no text has been set for a button
  • Fix: Use decimal character from settings for average rating

Updating should be possible through the Plugins page in your own WordPress backend. If there are any issues, check out our documentation on updating WP Recipe Maker.

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