We just released the very best version of WP Recipe Maker up until today: version 7.7.0. Read on for the highlights and a full changelog or update right away!

Private Notes for your visitors

This brand new feature allows visitors to add their own notes about your recipes right into the recipe card. These notes will be completely private, only visible to themselves. Basically it means that they can use your site as their own private cookbook.

To enable this new feature you add the Private Notes block in the Template Editor:

Editing the Private Notes block in the Template Editor

You pick the place, header and text, and the feature should just work!

Whenever someone sees the recipe card now they can click on the link to start typing their own notes:

Clicking on the link allows someone to add their own private notes

After clicking, the link will automatically be replaced by a text input and the visitor can start typing right away:

Text input for the Private Notes feature

Clicking outside of the text field will store the information and display it as regular text:

What private notes look like after storing them

Whenever this visitor comes back to the site they will be able to see those notes.

Learn more in the Private Notes documentation or give it a try yourself on the demo site.

Add to Collection button as a Call to Action

If you’re using the Recipe Collections feature but only have that open to logged in users, the “Add to Recipe Collection” button would simply be hidden for any other visitor.

That’s a missed opportunity as this button would be a great place for a Call to Action, enticing visitors to become a member as well.

With version 7.7.0 you can now change this behaviour on the WP Recipe Maker > Settings > Recipe Collection > Add to Collection Button page:

The new Add to Collection Button settings

Instead of hiding the button you can simply disable it or have it redirect to a different page (a sign-up or learn more page, for example).

On top of that you can also show a tooltip message on hover:

Show an optional tooltip message on hover

This is great way to show visitors the benefits of becoming a member!

Full Changelog

We highlighted just a few of the new features/improvements/fixes above. Below you can find the other changes in version 7.7.0. Check out our documentation for a full history.

WP Recipe Maker Premium 7.7.0

  • Feature: Allow visitors to add their own Private Notes to recipes
  • Feature: Optional button to print full recipes in shopping list
  • Improvement: Show “Add to Collection” button to non-logged in users with optional link to different page and tooltip
  • Improvement: Prevent JSON export link from getting cached
  • Fix: Export to JSON not including all information for the Associated Ingredients feature
  • Fix: Export to JSON not exporting all terms of parent post categories
  • Fix: Immediately associate parent post during JSON import
  • Fix: Not all amounts and units in shopping list getting formatted correctly
  • Fix: Show “0” value for custom field

WP Recipe Maker 7.7.0

  • Feature: Set WPML language when using recipes as a public post type
  • Improvement: Smaller comment ratings column
  • Improvement: Only show quick edit comment rating for posts with recipes
  • Improvement: Bulk delete ingredient units on the manage page
  • Fix: Revisioned and scheduled posts losing parent post with Yoast Duplicate Post
  • Fix: Import from Create not always replacing block in post correctly
  • Fix: Comment rating compatibility with Lazy Load for Comments on non-recipe posts
  • Fix: Print URL when using index.php permalinks
  • Fix: Deprecation notice in block editor
  • Fix: Print page redirect when using non-standard HTTP port
  • Fix: Prevent cursor location problem in Firefox when clicking in rich text field

Updating should be possible through the Plugins page in your own WordPress backend. If there are any issues, check out our documentation on updating WP Recipe Maker.

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