As the capabilities of AI tools grow, it becomes ever possible for people to generate all kinds of content. A 2023 survey found that almost half of American adults (48%) were interested in AI-generated recipes. As a food blogger or even just a home cook, AI can be a powerful tool for you when creating recipes. AI and cooking go hand-in-hand thanks to recipe generators, which can provide you with customized recipes in seconds. All you need to do is input ingredients to include or avoid, as well as details such as cooking skill levels, and you’ll receive personalized recipes.

It’s an excellent choice for beginner cooks thanks to the clear break-down of steps it can provide. Generating recipes with AI is also a huge time-saver. You can use it to create recipes for specific ingredients, which is especially useful to reduce waste by using up leftovers.

Coming up with meals to cook every day can be tough. AI helps alleviate this problem by providing not just inspiration but full recipes, too.

Boosting cooking efficiency: AI as your digital sous-chef

AI tools are perfect for the cook who is short on time or wants to be more efficient. They have the ability to give you recipe suggestions within seconds. Compared to having to trawl through Google search results or leaf through a book, you could save yourself a lot of time. All you need to do is give the tool a few parameters and you’ll get customized suggestions that work for all your needs.

When you need recommendations for ingredient substitutes, AI can help you here, too. It can quickly find you the right options based on what you have at home. It’s also perfect for helping you reduce waste. Just tell your AI recipe generator what ingredients you have on hand and get suggestions instantly. This is a great way to quickly use up ingredients that are reaching their expiry date, allowing you to save money and reduce waste. 

For those who want to diversify what they eat and try out some new things, AI is a fantastic tool. It can introduce you to new ingredients and even new cooking techniques so you can challenge both your taste buds and your skills in the kitchen. It’s not always easy to find new recipes to try, especially when you’re in unfamiliar territory. If you don’t want to be thrown in at the deep end, AI recipes can help you to slowly ease into a new cuisine and new flavors.

Finally, AI recipe generators are really useful if you want recipes that are broken down into small, manageable steps. Recipes can sometimes be overwhelming, particularly if you’re a beginner cook or you find it hard to take in a lot of information at once. Breaking down a recipe into smaller steps is helpful if you’re more comfortable with bite-sized chunks and clear instructions.

If your aim is to be more efficient when looking for recipes and cooking, AI-generated recipes can change how you do things.

How to get the best recipe results from AI

AI is a handy tool, but it’s important to know how to get the best results if your aim is to create recipes. AI works by learning what you want, which means it can be trained to give you personalized recipes. The more you use it, the more it will get to know your preferences and give you what you’re looking for. This is ideal for anyone with allergies or dietary requirements who needs to ensure these are accounted for when looking for recipes.

There’s no need to limit yourself with AI. It can present you with multiple recipe suggestions for the same ingredients, so you have options to choose from. Plus, while you’re cooking, if you need to you can make adjustments to your recipe that will be remembered for the next time you want to make the same dish. For example, if any tweaks are required such as adding more water or adjusting the cooking time, just change them on your chosen tool to update it.

Some AI software for generating recipes will even allow you to input macronutrient details such as the amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fats you want to eat. It will then suggest recipes that align with the numbers you put in, helping you manage your diet. Some tools can even suggest drink pairings so you can round out the perfect meal.

Top selection: The best AI tools for the home cook

Home cooks can choose from a fantastic selection of AI tools for recipe generation. Here are some of our top choices to help you find the right one for you.


Recipe generator tool ChefGPT homepage.

ChefGPT will suggest recipes and drink pairings, create meal plans, and more using AI. You can put in the ingredients from your pantry and it will present you with numerous recipes. You also have the option to include dietary requirements and macronutrient information for full customization. Use your specific needs or goals to generate recipe ideas to suit you. The basic plan is completely free, or at $2.99 the pro plan gives you unlimited recipe generation and multiple modes.


Recipe generator tool DishGen homepage.

If you want to be able to modify recipes as you cook, DishGen is a great option for you. You can enter ingredients or recipe ideas, or input your dietary preferences, and the tool will give you suggestions that you can alter as you wish. This tool will give you seven different suggestions for any list of ingredients, giving you plenty of options. There’s a free basic plan, but you can also opt for a paid plan at $7.99 per month for premium or $15.99 per month for business.


Recipe generator tool FoodAI homepage.

FoodAI is an excellent choice if you want to explore different cuisines. You can choose a world cuisine to get started with recipe suggestions or select ingredients instead. One of the best things about this tool is that it’s image-based, making it easy for kids to get involved. You can get started with a free 30-day trial, after which it costs just $0.99 per month to keep using this simple but very useful tool.


Recipe generator tool CookAIfood homepage.

In just a few clicks, you can create unique recipes with CookAIfood. This app is great for sharing your recipes thanks to its sharing feature. You can share with the community and upvote, downvote, or bookmark recipes. Other features include: 

  • Diet planner
  • Grocery lists
  • Printable cookbooks
  • Calorie counter
  • Meal planning
  • Nutrition monitoring 

The pay-as-you-go model is a good option for anyone on a budget. For each credit you buy, you get one recipe.

Plant Jammer

Recipe generator tool Plant Jammer homepage.

Do you want to reduce food waste? Plant Jammer is built with exactly that in mind. With the free version, you can get started by selecting the ingredients you have to generate recipe titles and cooking times that match. There’s also a ‘Shop Ingredients’ function to easily buy the ingredients you need from Amazon Fresh. The free version offers three types of recipes, but you can get many more with the $10 app, which is a one-off payment to get access forever.

General AI tools

AI tools designed specifically for recipe generation offer a lot, but you can also consider more general AI tools. They can still help you find recipe ideas that you can use for free and they’re trained on huge amounts of data. Try out options like ChatGPT and Copilot and see what results you can get. However, these tools might not produce exactly what you’re looking for compared to tools that are exclusively trained on recipes and culinary data. For example, they might produce errors such as recommending food pairings that don’t work or calculating nutritional information incorrectly.

Vegan stuffed sweet potato recipe generation using ChatGPT.

AI as a source of inspiration for your food blog

When you’re looking for recipe suggestions, AI is your sidekick. It can offer you recipe suggestions based on the ingredients you have, dietary requirements, or even meals you’re curious about but don’t want to spend ages searching for.

For aspiring food bloggers, AI is another tool that can serve as a source of inspiration for recipe generation. Once you’ve found a winning recipe that you want to try out for yourself and share with the world, the next step is to get it on your own blog. WP Recipe Maker is the go-to WordPress plugin for food bloggers, offering you the best way to share your recipe online.

WP Recipe Maker can add a huge amount of functionality to your food blog without requiring extensive tech knowledge. Anyone can make their site look smart using the template editor for consistent formatting and aesthetics. All you need to do is customize your template once, and you can then apply it across your blog to fit its style without having to make changes every time.

WP Recipe Maker template editor tool.

Finding a recipe with AI is a great start, but cooking with AI can present some issues if you don’t also test your recipes. You need to ensure they’re actually good and human-approved. Then WP Recipe Maker helps you take an AI-created recipe and humanize it with options to add your own photos and videos.

“Before sharing an AI-generated recipe on your food blog, rigorous testing is non-negotiable. Think of it as tasting your dish before serving – it ensures the recipe is foolproof, prevents disappointment, and maintains your credibility as a reliable source.”

Birthe Vandermeeren

It’s vital to personally test your recipes to ensure that ratios, serving suggestions, and nutritional facts work. This will allow you to deliver a great experience when using WP Recipe Maker’s nutrition label feature.

Download the plugin today to access all of its features and start sharing your AI recipes with WP Recipe Maker.

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