Are you trying to use Instagram to grow your food blog? Do you feel a little lost in a sea of people creating similar content? One of the best things you can do is look at the top Instagram food bloggers to understand what sets them apart and get some inspiration from them!

Nowadays, it is incredibly important for any aspiring food blogger to be on Instagram. As of today, the platform has over 1.4 billion monthly users. And millions of them are looking at food content on a daily basis. 

In this article, we will show you the top 10 Instagram food bloggers in 2024. You will learn about what makes them stand out and how you can apply some of their techniques to your own food blogging adventures.

Why Should Food Bloggers Use Instagram?

As we mentioned, it is really important for food bloggers to have an Instagram presence. These content creators and recipe developers use the platform for two purposes: First, to post their own creations. And second, to follow other popular food bloggers and connect with them and other users. 

There are several benefits of using Instagram as a food influencer. These include:

  • Grow your audience: Instagram is the perfect platform to reach new followers – although only if you know how to use it. Some of the things you should keep in mind when planning your strategy for success include using the right hashtags and geotags, organizing your stories into highlights, and posting at the best times of the day and the week. Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on your analytics tools, as they can give you a perfect overview of your audience and a few ideas to reach new people. 
  • Get inspiration: Following other Instagram food bloggers is a great way to get inspiration for new recipes that you can then adapt to your own style. You can also get new ideas for food photography and writing about the food you post. Make sure you are adding your own twist to everything you create!
  • Make new connections: Instagram pages make it easy for you to reach out to like-minded food bloggers. This can open doors to collaborations that can benefit all parties involved. Don’t be scared to reach out to others to come up with ideas on how to work together.
  • See emerging trends: Since the most popular food bloggers post daily, following their channels will allow you to see changing trends in the world of food blogging. Which can, in turn, translate into you posting engaging content while those trends are still relevant.
  • Link back to your site: While you should post lots of content on Instagram, this doesn’t mean you need to restrict yourself to just that one channel. You can actually use the platform to link back to your website, which makes it a great way to grow your site’s traffic. For example, you can connect to a page to allow users to see your full recipes and also engage with any affiliate links you may have on your site.

The Top 10 Instagram Food Bloggers

Need some inspiration? Let’s check out the best food bloggers using Instagram in 2024. With so many great food bloggers to choose from, we had to narrow our list down! This is how we did it: We chose food influencers who are popular, have their own niche, and know how to stay ahead of trends.

We will go through each food blogger, discuss who they are and what their background is, and highlight what kind of food content they post. Let’s get started!

1. Ree Drummond (@thepioneerwoman)
Number of followers: 4.3M 

Some of Ree Drummon’s Instagram posts.

Ree Drummond, or thepioneerwoman, is a cooking show host and ‘designer of dishes’ (as well as a blogger, author, and photographer). With over four million followers and more than 3,000 posts, she also starred in her own cooking show and was listed in Forbes’ ‘Top 25 Web Celebrities’. That was in 2010, so the fact that we’ve included her in a 2024 list is a testament to how relevant she’s managed to remain as a food influencer throughout the years!

You might be surprised to read Ree began blogging in 2006 and using the blogging service Typepad. She wrote about ranch life and homeschooling her kids and posted her first recipe a year after launching her blog. 

So, what makes Ree’s Instagram account a success? First of all, she doesn’t just share food recipes and pictures. She also invites her followers to understand more about her lifestyle and her daily routine. Her stories include outings with friends and snaps with her family, all presented in incredibly vibrant colors and using excellent photography. 

2. Tieghan Gerard (@halfbakedharvest)
Number of followers: 5.5M

Some of Tieghan Gerard’s Instagram posts.

You are most likely to find amazing pictures of delicious food in Tieghan Gerard’s Instagram feed. This food photographer, stylist, and recipe developer has also written a New York Times Best Selling book called “Half Baked Harvest Cookbook,” where she features a mix of sweet, savory, healthy, and indulgent recipes.  

If there’s one thing you can learn from this account is that the way you present your dishes matters. There’s an interesting complexity to Tieghan’s posts, which continue to attract new followers each day. In fact, since we originally wrote this post, Tieghan’s followers have increased by almost 1 million, a testament to the power of using Instagram as a food influencer.

3. Ashley Alexander (@gatherandfeast)
Number of followers: 343K

Some of Ashley Alexander’s Instagram posts.

Ashley Alexander, or gatherandfeast, is a food blogger from Melbourne, Australia. She combines her love for cooking with her goal of creating meaningful moments while sharing yummy meals with others. That’s why many of her posts revolve around creating a loving environment where to enjoy the food.

Although Ashley’s posts focus a lot on the look of the recipes she creates, she also always makes sure she includes a little about what it means to entertain for a feast. For example, she has a beautiful collection of bowls, cutlery, and plates she loves showing off in her pictures and uses a lot of videos. Her Instagram account shows natural, relaxed, fun, and fresh food that anyone can cook. And this is the reason she has so many people who swear by her recipes!

4. Yumna Jawad (@feelgoodfoodie)
Number of followers: 4.5M

Some of Yumna Jawad’s Instagram posts.

Yumna Jawad has one goal: To make healthy food and healthy cooking easy. One thing that stands out when looking at her Instagram account is that her photographs are clean, simple and show a splash of color over a white background. She also shares a few pictures of herself, usually in the kitchen where the magic happens!

Yumna likes to use simple ingredients and create simple tutorials, reason why she has so many followers that feel inspired and guided by her. Her recipes are also edified by the Lebanese food her mother used to cook, which honestly makes for a beautiful palette that also looks full of flavor. 

5. Brandi Shine Doming (@thevegan8)
Number of followers: 153K

Some of Brandi Shine Doming’s Instagram posts.

Brandi Shine Doming, or the Vegan 8, is both a blog and an Instagram account. Brandi’s brand is simplicity. She enjoys creating mouth-watering recipes anyone can replicate and makes sure to share the detailed instructions through her website (and two books that specialize in vegan cooking). 

The majority of Brandi’s posts are about vegan, oil-free, tofu-free, dairy-free, and usually gluten-free recipes. But what makes her creations so unique? Well, she only uses eight or fewer ingredients! Her account combines a strong and consistent concept with colorful food photos and many pictures of the foodie herself. The result is an account that keeps growing day by day. 

6. Minimalist Baker (@minimalistbaker)
Number of followers: 2.1M

Some of Minimalist Baker’s Instagram posts.

Minimalist Baker is a group of food enthusiasts who enjoy creating recipes that require ten ingredients or less. Or just a bowl. Or no more than half an hour of preparation time! 

This Instagram account shows a mix of desserts, breakfasts, sides, snacks, and entrees and links to all recipes on their website. One thing that sets it apart is the photography style, which is fun, colorful, and always looks surprisingly rich for the premise of keeping things so easy and straightforward. Their Reels are particularly good, showing you each step of the process of making your own food. Definitely, an inspiring one to follow. 

7. Eva Kosmas Flores (@evakosmasflores)
Number of followers: 313K

Some of Eva Kosmas Flores’ Instagram posts.

Eva Kosmas Flores’ Instagram wall is beautifully green, almost like cooking in a garden. Chances are, if you see a few of the photos in isolation, you will instantly identify who this blogger is. 

Eva is a photographer, educator, author, and stylist. She frequently teaches online courses and runs travel-based workshops. Her work is inspired by the beauty of nature and seasonal living, and her Instagram imparts a very specific mood. That’s what makes this creator so special. When you look at her posts, you feel something rather unique, and instantly want to understand more about her and her creations.  

8. Deliciously Ella (@deliciouslyella)
Number of followers: 2.4M

Some of Deliciously Ella’s Instagram posts.

Deliciously Ella was founded by Ella Mills, an entrepreneur and best-selling author who creates 100% plant-based and 100% natural food. She has over two million followers for a reason. Her recipes look great and make you feel great. 

If you look at Ella’s Instagram, you will notice she uses a particular image style when presenting a new recipe. She overlays the name on top of a faded image of the food and includes well-edited videos with all steps. She has great use of color, mainly when adding new ingredients, but her personal Instagram posts are also engaging and friendly. 

9. Marta Greber (@whatforbreakfast)
Number of followers: 345K

Some of Marta Greber’s Instagram posts.

Marta Greber’s Instagram is not entirely about food but rather about a lifestyle that embraces and celebrates good food. Pictures of delicious recipes are mixed with shots of cities, aerial views, and beautiful wild animals. 

Marta connects her Instagram account with her website, which is entirely built around good food and useful hacks. Each recipe is detailed in an article that includes excellent atmospheric photography. If you are looking for something a little different when it comes to food blogging, don’t forget to check out her account. 

10. Mike + Steph (@iamafoodblog)
Number of followers: 225K

Some of Mike + Steph’s Instagram posts.

Mike + Steph, authors of “That Noodle Life” book and “I am a Food Blog” blog, have found their niche. If you look at their Instagram, you will notice a lot of… you guessed it, noodles. And traveling! The pair left the office, bought a camera, and are exploring the world. 

This Instagram account will serve as a great inspiration if you’re looking for bloggers specializing in a distinct type of food – or if you want to mix travel and eating, too! They make great explanatory videos and always surprise their followers with new and unexpected ideas. Definitely worth a visit.

11. Yumna Jawad (@feelgoodfoodie)
Number of followers: 4.5M

feelgoodfoodie Instagram account

Food brand owner, author, and food blogger Yumna Jawad’s Instagram is a vibrant, eye-catching account that really does as the handle suggests – making followers feel good about food!

The combination of colorful Lebanese-inspired cuisine, practical tips, and delicious healthy options mean that this Instagram account is not one to miss!

How to Learn From Our Top Instagram Food Bloggers

While you should try and carve your own identity as a food blogger, there is a lot you can learn from the most popular Instagrammer and food bloggers. Below are a few things you should pay special attention to when looking for inspiration.

See How They Use Hashtags

When you’re trying to decide which hashtags to include, ask yourself first: Can you see the ones your favorite bloggers use on their social media? This will give you an idea of how many and what kinds of words can attract a broader audience to your food posts. If you are copying an idea but adding your own twist, make sure you tag your picture with the new terms, too. For example, you can make a vegan version of an existing dish and tag it #vegan, #plantbased, and #veganfood.

See Their Posting Habits 

If you are looking for inspiration and ideas to make your project a success, it’s also essential to understand how frequently your favorite bloggers post new content. Specifically, how many posts per day do they do, and do they use Instagram stories? Do they always post at the same time? If you’re aiming for a similar audience, it can be a good idea to understand these patterns and see if they can apply to you as well. 

What Recipes Can You Adapt for Your Own Blog?

As we mentioned, you don’t want to copy a recipe but instead, use one as inspiration and turn it into something unique only you can create. If you’re wondering where food bloggers get their recipes, the answer is all in the research: explore other bloggers’ feeds and see what they are cooking that catches your eye. Then, think about how you would adapt the recipes to your style. For example, turning an indulgent dessert into a healthy option or making a gluten-free or eggs-free version. 

It’s also key to keep up with the latest trends in food blogging. However, there’s no point in following topics you’re not interested in. Instead, find the things you are passionate about, and make sure you are always up to date with what people are saying about them. Is there a new ingredient everyone’s trying? Some event or holiday that triggers a specific type of decoration? If so, you can try these yourself. 

Not everyone has a blog or website to support their Instagram accounts, but most popular food Instagrammers and creators do. After all, there are many benefits to having many channels and connecting them (for instance, attracting a wider audience or adding affiliate links to products you use). So how do your favorite bloggers link to these other websites? Is there a style you prefer? Understand how much you want to promote your other channels, and pick a location that fits that idea.

Growing Your Food Blog with Instagram and WP Recipe Maker

One thing is sure: When people discover your Instagram account or social media network and go to your site to see your recipes (or if they go to your site first, too), you will want to make sure these are nicely displayed and easy to read. You want them to be detailed with nutritional info, fast loading and have adjustable measurements so people all over the world can follow them.

You can achieve all this and more with WP Recipe Maker!

WP Recipe Maker is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly add recipes to your website. The tool is compatible with both the Classic Editor and the Gutenberg editor and includes an Elementor block as well. And what’s even better, it supports regular and Guided Recipes for Google Recipe search and metadata display

Here are a few things you can do with WP Recipe Maker to make sure your site visitors engage with your recipes after they arrive on your site through Instagram. Check out the plugin’s full list of features for more info!

  • Customize the look of your recipes with the Template Editor.
  • Adjust serving sizes.
  • Display nutritional data and labels.
  • Include ingredient links for other recipes and recommended products. 
  • Support user ratings.
  • Create custom recipe taxonomies.
  • Use checkboxes for users to follow ingredients and steps. 
  • Structure instructions and ingredients in groups. 
  • Support shoppable ingredients with Shop with Instacart and Pinterest Rich Pins/
  • Associate instructions with ingredients and show them everywhere needed. 
  • Create printable recipe pages and include videos in the template.
  • Include temperature with oven symbols.
A list of recipes in the WP Recipe Maker plugin dashboard.
A recipe template example in WP Recipe Maker
Converting units in the WP Recipe Maker plugin
Linking ingredients in WP Recipe Maker

Become a Better Food Blogger with WP Recipe Maker

You can use Instagram to grow your food blog – and you can use your blog to grow your Instagram audience, too! An excellent way to do either efficiently is to always look at what others are doing well. You can start, for example, by checking the bloggers we listed in this article! 

However, if you want to make sure you are providing your social media audience with a way to learn more about you and explore the products you offer, it’s a great idea to accompany your Instagram feed with a website. When you need to include recipes, don’t hesitate to try WP Recipe Maker

Find out which bundle is the perfect fit for your food blogging needs, and try out WP Recipe Maker today!

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