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Naming your food blog is one of the most important – and exciting – steps for a food blogger who’s just starting out. Once you’ve landed on the best food blog name idea, the rest of your blog may feel like it falls into place.

Creative food blog names are important because they communicate to your audience what your website is all about. Plus, your blog name will help you hone in on your main food blogging goal, and it’ll inform all of the other names you set up, too, from your domain name to your social handles.

This can be a stressful step for food bloggers, though. You might be worried about choosing food blog name ideas that won’t resonate with your content a few months in the future. What if you change your blogging topic? Or, what if you simply don’t like the blog name at some point?

Maybe you know what you want your blog to be about and you’re ready to start posting content, but you’re not entirely sure what it’s going to turn into in the near future. In this case, consider an assortment of food blog name ideas, but don’t pick one right now. Instead, get going on your blog, think about how it’s going to pan out, and then eventually decide on a name that’ll work for you and your foodie audience.

Here’s the good news: There are plenty of strategies to help you come up with food blog name ideas that will endure, even as your content and tastes evolve. In this article, we’re going to offer some tips and tricks for deciding on the right name for your blog.

Food Blog Names Are Important…Eventually

Yes, food blog names are important. However, it’s not a must that you come up with the perfect food blog names right away. Why not? There are two main reasons:

You Can Change the Business Name Later On

If you’re using a WordPress subdomain and haven’t yet purchased a domain name, your website name and URL can be changed. It’s not recommended that you change the site name and URL often – it’s nearly impossible to build a following and traffic like that – but you can try out good food blog names that you like before landing on the best one and officially naming your site.

Coming Up With Food Blog Names is Time-Consuming (and May Come Naturally)

While brainstorming food blog names is an important step, it’s not the most important task you can spend your time and energy on. Your content is what’s going to really shine on your blog, so you should focus on creating a backlog of content, including key materials like food photography and videos. As you experiment with new, yummy recipes and start pulling your blog content together, inspiration is likely to come naturally, and you could find the best food blog name idea without even trying.

What to Consider Before Brainstorming Food Blog Names

You don’t want to choose a food blog name that’s too generic or too on-trend. A generic, shallow name may be so broad that it doesn’t have much to do with your specific content. Conversely, even the best food blog name idea that’s too trendy and hip may give readers the wrong impression, alienate part of your audience, or become outdated faster than you expect. To come up with the food blog names that are just right for your blog and readers, consider these questions before you get to the brainstorming phase:

  • Theme: What is your food blog’s theme? Is it very niche or rather popular? A niche food blog may benefit SEO-wise from an equally-niche name. A popular one, on the other hand, will need a name that sets it apart from competitors and doesn’t get lost in the sea of similar blogs.
  • Audience: Who are your readers? Are they local, international, or a combination? Getting a clear idea of your audience will inform the wording that you should and shouldn’t use.
  • Tone: What tone do you want to take? For example, will you sound formal and professional, or do you want to sound friendly and relaxed? Your food blog name ideas should complement the voice and tone you plan to use on your blog.
  • Other Sources: Are you going to use your food blog name for other purposes, like to create a full-fledged brand name with a logo? Do you expect to launch a line of products? Will your food blog also have a presence on social media? The name you choose should be able to work well in all of these areas. And if you’re going to have to shorten the name to fit in a logo or on a social media profile, work this out before settling on one.

If You Already Have a Name in Mind…

If you have a food blog name in mind, do you think it’ll fit the future of your content as your blog evolves? You can’t know everything about how your food blog is going to grow, but if you expect to write about additional, related content in the future, the food blog name ideas you choose should be able to encompass this new direction.

The Three Things the Best Food Blog Name Idea Must Be

As you move into the next phase – brainstorming – it’s important to keep in mind the three requirements that the best food blog name idea must meet:

  1. It must be catchy so that it’s easy to remember.
  2. It has to be unique. Double-check that it doesn’t already exist!
  3. Make it error-free. Get rid of grammar and spelling mistakes.

Now, let’s find out how to come up with a list of excellent food blog name ideas!

How to Come Up With the Best Food Blog Name Idea: A Step-by-Step Guide

In this section, we’ll walk you through the brainstorming process so that you can generate a list of food blog name ideas – and eventually settle on the perfect name. Here are the four steps that we’re going to dive into in more detail:

  1. Write a list of valuable and versatile words.
  2. Organize your list of words into groups.
  3. Play around with your words.
  4. Lock down the blog title winner.

Let’s go!

Step 1: Write a List of Valuable and Versatile Words

This is possibly the easiest step of the entire process because all you have to do here is think. As you reflect on your food blog, write down a list of words and phrases that pop into your head. 

Need to stir up your creativity to come up with food blog name ideas? Here are a few tips:

  • What’s your blog about? What are the words that directly relate to your theme? Try to come up with 10 words or phrases – better to have too many than too few, and you can always trim your list later on.
  • Browse other food blogs. Do you like the approach they take? Write down the words that resonate most with you. Would you rather take a different approach? Write down the words that relate to that gap you want to fill.
  • Turn to the good ol’ dictionary and thesaurus. You’ll jog your mind and probably come across synonyms and words you hadn’t considered but really love.
  • Read restaurant reviews, especially those of professional reviewers. They’ll use a lot of descriptive, food-related words that may be perfect for your list of food blog names.
  • Look up foreign food terms or translate some of your favorite blog-related words into a foreign language. This tip needs extra thought because you don’t want to make your cooking blog name hard to remember or spell. But if it ends up being catchier when given an international spin – and it’s easy for your foodie audience to spell – you could have a unique winner on your hands.

Step 2: Organize Your List of Words Into Groups

Now that you have a pretty long list of words, organize them into groups. It’s okay if some words or phrases end up in more than one group, but try to be discerning, too. At this point, you want to start narrowing down your options, so don’t make choosing the best food blog name idea more complex than it has to be.

You can group the words in a number of ways. For example:

  • Action verbs
  • Alphabetically
  • Generic words
  • Niche words
  • Popular words
  • Unique words

You can create a few types of groupings, too. For example, maybe you want one list with all of your words alphabetized, so you can quickly go to a certain letter if you’re trying to be alliterative. Then, on another list, you can group the words in other ways, like by generic versus niche. 

Step 3: Play Around With Your Words

In this step, you’re going to play around with the words (and add some new ones) to hone in on the top food blog name ideas to consider. Here are some tips for finding the best word combinations:

  • Add your own name or a nickname (one you’ve had or one you create) to some of the words or phrases. Bloggers do this to personalize their content and relate to their readers on a more human level. Real-life examples are Deliciously Ella and Natasha’s Kitchen
  • Tell a story or make it extra descriptive. One of the best ways to come up with this word combination is to think of how your blog started. What are its roots? What were your initial thoughts and feelings about it? Real-life examples of these types of food blog name ideas are My Moroccan Food and Sally’s Baking Addiction.
  • Put a cute spin on a common phrase or pop culture reference for the best food blog name idea that’s also contemporary. Gimme Some Oven is a good example of this, as it’s a play on “gimme some lovin’.”
  • Alliteration is one of the best ways to create catchy and memorable food blog name ideas. How easy is it to remember the name of the food blog Love and Lemons?! You can also use the same sounds in the words even if the letters are different, like with Cookie + Kate.
  • Catchy food blog name ideas may rhyme instead of relying on alliteration, like Smitten Kitchen.
  • Some words just go well together, and there doesn’t have to be a reason for that other than that you like the way they sound! If you’re into a word combination, don’t overthink it; just add it to your list. Serious Eats and Love & Olive Oil are great examples of this. 

Not having much luck? Consider plugging your favorite words into a food blog name generator. Even if you don’t find the best food blog name idea this way, it could unlock your creativity to continue brainstorming on your own. Blog name generators may turn back corny ideas at first, but one could be a stepping stone to a name you love.

Step 4: Lock Down the Blog Title Winner

Finally, found the best food blog name idea? Congrats! It’s time to make it official. The most important step is to secure a domain name. If you have WordPress.com, you can do this right through the platform. If you use WordPress.org, you’ll want to buy a domain name from a provider like GoDaddy.

Next, set up your social media handles. If the business name is too long for social media, tweak it a bit so that it fits. For example, you can replace a word with a number (“to” can become “2”) or use abbreviations. 

If you don’t plan on using your social media profiles right away, that’s okay. Secure the handles now and keep your profiles private. When you’re ready to start posting, they’ll be set up for you to start, and you won’t have to worry about losing the handles in the meantime.

Pro Tip

Even if you’ve landed on the absolute best food blog name you can think of, it’s a good idea to have two or three food blog name ideas as alternatives. If your preferred blog name is already taken, you’ll need backups.

Wrapping Up

Finding a great name for your cooking blog is key. It’ll help you determine which content best suits your website, and it’ll clarify to readers what they can expect when they visit your blog. Plus, when your readers know what to expect, and you regularly deliver great content, it’s easier to make money by monetizing your blog.

Phenomenal food blog name ideas can only take you so far, though. Without quality content and user-friendly web design, even the best name won’t get visitors to stay. That’s why you need a plugin like WP Recipe Maker to complement your content and make your blog look like a pro made it – even if you’re really a newbie.

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