No need to worry! We have a 30 day money-back guarantee and will get you a refund if you simply contact support and ask for it.

Just a simple email and you’ll have the money back in your account before you know it. Completely risk-free!

Why? Because we believe in our products and think you’ll love them too!

When you purchase the plugin you get a license that includes 1 year of updates. When that year is over the license is automatically renewed unless you cancel that subscription. If you cancel the subscription you can keep using the paid version you’re on when the license expires for free but won’t get updates or support anymore.

We have this type of license in place because we continually keep improving the plugin and releasing new features. There’s also ongoing support, of course.

Within Europe we have to charge VAT and pass that tax through to your country.

If you’re not purchasing from within Europe and are still seeing tax being added, make sure the correct country is selected under “Billing Details”.

If you’re a company with a VAT number, the VAT should be gone as soon as you add those details (unless you’re a Belgian company as well).

We are based in Belgium and have seen some cards getting blocked if international payments aren’t allowed.

Contacting your bank or trying a different payment method (like PayPal) should resolve things!

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