Nutrition API Integration

This feature is only available in WP Recipe Maker Premium - Advanced Nutrition

With the Advanced Nutrition add-on you can calculate the nutrition facts for your recipe with just a few clicks.

After installing the add-on you will see a new “Calculate Nutrition Facts” button on the “Nutrition Facts” tab. Clicking this will automatically try to match all your ingredients with products in the API and then calculate the nutrition facts for these. Take a look at this GIF to see the entire process in action:



Manual adjustments are still possible to get things exactly how you want them! After calculation for the entire recipe or before calculation for the individual ingredients:


Using any exotic ingredients that cannot be found in the API? You are also able to define your own custom nutrition ingredients that can be reused during calculation:


Take note that the Nutrition API only supports English ingredients at the moment. You can still use the add-on, but you’ll have to manually match every ingredient with a product by searching for the English name the first time you use it. Next time you use the same ingredient the add-on will remember the ingredient you picked.